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The Chesney MK3

The MK3 delivers more overall projection, with increased stability on the top hand.


The MK3's new internal specification enables you to comfortably pitch at 482 and above, without the need to push the reed far into the reed seat. This allows you to achieve your desired pitch and balance with ease and provides you with a top hand that is even more robust and stable.


The MK3 is customisable to suit the Chesney Brass or Copper Reed. Allowing you to easily match MK3 Chanters whether it be the Copper or Brass design.


The Brass Model MK3  provides a bigger overall sound with the Copper MK3 design giving that extra flatness on the top hand, notably on high G.


* Please Note : At the current time there is a 4 week wait on the MK3 Blackwood Chanters.

The Chesney MK3

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