Designed for the soloist.

The Chesney Solo reed is available in very easy, easy and easy medium and medium strengths.

Providing the soloist with a reed that is rich, comfortable and free - yet also retaining full clarity.

Designed using our own copper staple with a focus on producing a solid Pibroch high G.

Canterbury Caledonia won the Grade 1 Contest at the 2020 NZ Nationals playing Chesney Copper Pipe Reeds! Manawatu took 2nd prize and New Zealand Police claimed 3rd with both bands also playing Chesney Copper Pipe reeds.

1st Canterbury Caledonian

2nd Manawatu

3rd New Zealand Police

Check out their winning Medley :


The City of Invercargill won the Grade 2 contest playing Chesney Brass Pipe Reeds and the City if Invercargill Juvenile band won the Juvenile Grade also playing Chesney Brass Pipe Reeds.

The Chesney Chanter and Reed combination proved to be very successful throughout the Grades in 2019. Bands were promoted from every grade, ranging from Carlow's promotion from grade 4B right through to Closkelt achieving Grade 1 status. Check them out :

2019 Grade 2 UK, Scottish, British and Champion of Champions, Closkelt are upgraded to Grade 1 - they play the new Chesney MK3 Chanter & Reeds

2019 Grade 3A Scottish and World Champions, St Josephs Clondalkin are upgraded to Grade 2 - playing new Chesney MK3 Chanters & Reeds

2019 Grade 3A British and UK Champions, St Mary's Derrytrasna are upgraded to Grade 2 - playing Chesney Chanters & Reeds.

2019 Grade 3B World Champions, Tullylagan Pipe Band are upgraded to Grade 3A playing the Chesney Chanter & Reed combination.

2019 Grade 3B UK and World Championship runners-up, McNeillstown are upgraded to Grade 3A - they play Chesney Chanters & Reeds.

2019 Grade 3B European Champions, Turiff and District are upgraded to Grade 3A - they play Chesney Pipe Reeds.

2019 Grade 4A UK Champions, Augharan are upgraded to Grade 3B - Augharan play new Chesney MK3 Chanters & Reeds.

2019 Grade 4A Cullybackey are upgraded to Grade 3B - Cullybackey play Chesney Chanters & Reeds.

2019 Grade 4B Champions, Carlow are upgraded to Grade 4A - they play Chesney Chanters & Reeds.




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