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The Black Cane - Kelt Drone Reeds

Kelt Carbon Fibre drone reeds are designed by Mark Faloon to closely recreate the harmonics of traditional cane drone reeds with a minimal set-up time. Kelt Carbon Fibre reeds provide great projection and stability, coupled with the smoothness associated with cane. They are extremely air efficient and provide a very reliable and easy strike-in.


All reeds are tested by Mark Faloon before dispatch.

The Black Cane - Kelt Drone Reeds

  • Pipe Major Richard Parkes MBE


    "While trialling the Kelt Drone Reeds I was impressed with the harmonic tone which blended well with the chanter to give me a full sounding bagpipe with a resonant bass sound. When I first tried the bass I swapped it back and forth with a cane reed and I could find very little difference. Then I tried the same thing with each of the tenors and again found a very pleasing natural sound with a nice sympathetic blend between tenor and bass. The drones were incredibly steady and I also found that once the reeds got wet, they remained stable. The reeds worked very well in my MacDougall pipes (which are normally quite hard to reed out) and I was happy with how they harmonically supported my chanter. I would consider these to be an impressive set of drone reeds."


    Pipe Major Bill Livingstone


    "I have played all of the synthetic reeds available. Over the last several weeks I have been using Kelt drone reeds (by Mark Faloon and James Knox). They produce a rich sound, great stability, air efficiency and a tone indistinguishable from quality cane. A bonus feature is the complete ease of strike-in. Simply blowing into the pipe brings the drones up without fail."

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