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Chesney Copper Pipe Reed

The Chesney Pipe Reeds are hand chiselled using select cane sourced from France by reedmakers with over 42 years of experience in the art of reedmaking.


The unique design and construction of our pipe reeds gives them an inbuilt ability to maintain their pitch and stability even with a limited playing time and when conditions vary during a competition day. That's why our reeds are trusted by the worlds best.


The Chesney Copper Reed is flatter on the top hand and sharper on the bottom hand in comparison to our Brass Pipe Reed. Developed using a split copper staple and designed to deliver great clarity on the bottom hand with an extra added breadth and depth built in on the top hand, notably on high G. 


It is the Chesney Reed that is best balanced to be played in a wide range of Chanters, as demonstrated by many of the Worlds top pipe bands choosing to play it.


The Chesney Copper Reed has been played to win the last 10 Grade 1 World Championships and the last 6 Juvenile World Championships in succession.


Chesney Copper Pipe Reed

  • Field Marshal Montgomery

    Inveraray & District

    Shotts and Dykehead

    Boghall & Bathgate


    Lomond and Clyde

    Canterbury Caledonian

    The New Zealand Police 

    Fife Police


    Toronto Police

    Western Australian Police

    Auckland & District


    The Chesney Copper Reed is also the choice of many successful bands throughout the Grades, including the worlds top bands at juvenile level. Including Dollar Academy, George Watsons College, West Lothian Schools, George Heriots Schools and Boghall & Bathgate.





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