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Inveraray win Scottish playing Chesney Reeds, Closkelt win Grade 2 playing new Chesney MK3 Chanters!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Inveraray & District win Grade 1 at the Scottish Championships playing Chesney Copper Pipe Reeds. That marks the bands 10th Major Championship win and all being won playing Chesney Pipe Reeds.

Closkelt won Grade 2 playing the new Chesney MK3 Chanter and Ravara claimed 2nd also playing Chesney Chanters and Reeds.

St Josephs Clondalkin won Grade 3A playing the new Chesney MK3 Chanter with Chesney Reeds. The Juvenile and Novice Juvenile A Grade's were both won by Dollar Academy with both Dollar bands playing Chesney Copper Reeds.


Have a listen to Grade 2 Champions Closkelt during their winning performance. They play new Chesney MK3 Chanters , Chesney Pipe Reeds and Cane Drone Reeds.


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