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Chesney Chanters & Reeds win Grade 1, 2, 3A, 3B and Juvenile at the 2019 British Championships.

ST LAURENCE O'TOOLE debuted the new Chesney MK3 Chanter at the British Championships and came out as Champions.

Chesney Reeds were also played by 5 of the top 6 Grade 1 bands including :

Inveraray and District, Boghall and Bathgate, Field Marshal Montgomery and Fife Police.

Other notable Grade 1 bands playing Chesney Reeds at the British Championships were Johnstone, Shotts and Dykehead, Lomond and Clyde and Glasgow Police.

Grade 2 was won by Closkelt playing Chesney MK1 Blackwood Chanters and Reeds,

Grade 3A was won by St Mary's Derrytrasna playing Chesney MK1 Chanters and Reeds.

Grade 3B Turriff and District won playing Chesney Copper Reeds

Juvenile was won by Dollar Academy playing Chesney Copper Reeds

Here's St Laurence O'Toole's winning performance playing the new Chesney MK3 Chanter and Chesney Reeds.


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