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Chesney White Brass Reed

The Chesney Brass Pipe Reed wrapped in white. We have been making our Brass pipe reed in white wrap for smaller custom orders for over 30 years. For those who prefer the custom white wrap.


The Chesney Pipe Reeds are hand chiselled using select cane sourced from France by reedmakers with over 42 years of experience in the art of reedmaking. The unique design and construction of our pipe reeds gives them an inbuilt ability to maintain their pitch and stability even with a limited playing time and when conditions vary during a competition day. That's why our reeds are trusted by the worlds best.


The Chesney Brass Pipe Reed is designed to be sharper on the top hand and flatter on the bottom hand in comparison to the Chesney Copper Reed. Developed using a brass staple and designed to have an increased airflow with a greater response. This enables our Brass Reed to deliver an increase in overall volume and also be very free to blow.


Primarily made to played in the Chesney MK1 Chanter but also suited to Chanters with flatter top hands. 


The choice of many bands throughout the grades, including St Laurence O'Toole. The Chesney Brass Reed has been played to win every Major Championship from Grade 1 to Juvenile. 

Chesney White Brass Reed

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