The Chesney Copper Pipe Reed is played at all levels to deliver the Worlds best sounds.

Designed to produce a flatter top hand with increased depth on high G, suiting  a wide variety of Chanters.

Hear the World Class sounds produced playing Chesney Copper

Field Marshal Montgomery

2018 Grade 1 World Champions

Inveraray & District 

2019 World Champions

Inveraray and District have been playing Chesney Copper Pipe Reeds from 2014.

They won their 1st Major Championship that same year and have went on to win 6 more including the 2017 and 2019 World Championship. 

Field Marshal Montgomery

2018 World Champions

Field Marshal Montgomery have played Chesney Copper Pipe Reeds to win 8 World Championships, 3 Grand Slams and many more Major Titles.

Check them out at the 2019 World Championships.

Shotts and Dykehead

2015 World Champions

Check their 2019 1st placed piping performance at the World Championships.

Shotts & Dykehead

Dollar Academy 

2018 Juvenile World Champions

Dollar Academy  have won 4 of the last 5 Juvenile World Championships playing Chesney Copper Pipe Reeds. They are the current 2018 World Champions.

George Watson's College

2018 Juvenile World Champions

George Watsons College won the 2017 World Juvenile Championship and are the 2018 UK Champions playing Chesney Copper.



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